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Mobili Intarsiati Artistici

Workmanship is executed by means of artisan methods, using first class highly valuable wood, and adopting techniques which have been passed on from generation to generation.

The choose of materials, the draw of the inlay, the use of essences with different qualities of fibre, colours and grain, the technique of using a particular dyeing only for some essences, particular shadings made by putting some little pieces of wood in a red-hot sand, give to the surface of the inlay an unusual colour, like gold, that change with the colour of the wood.

Each piece of furniture is accurately reproduced in every detail, and in all the stages of production, right up to the polishing for which we use both shellac and beeswax.



[ Manufacturing ]

Marquetry – what is it, how is marquetry produced?

What is marquetry?

Marquetry is an combination of woods that are cut into various shapes and colours until they achieve the desired image.

How is marquetry done? The procedure:

1. We begin with the design, which can represent a landscape, still life or any other type of image

2. The woods are chosen according to their colours and veining in order to achieve the desired result.

3. The design is glued to the wood, which acts as a background and is then perforated around the rim and finally eliminated.

4. Various pieces of wood are inserted into the empty part that was created

5. The pieces are then, in turn, passed one at a time through burning sand in order to add a shade where necessary

6. The pieces of wood are placed in such a manner that they form the desired image

7. The whole procedure is created by gluing various pieces onto paper in such a way that they remain together

8. Subsequently, the marquetry is glued in reverse to the part of the furniture on which it must be inserted

9. The paper is then removed.

[ Manufacturing ]


The polishing of our artistic inlaid furniture is carried out completely by hand using rubber lacquer buffer and beeswax.

It is possible to polish the furniture in various colour tones according to preferences.


Bright polishing can also be carried out upon request. In addition, we carry out lacquering in a number of colours.

[ Manufacturing ]


We insert leather into some of our in-style desks, writing tops and tables both to make writing easier and to further embellish them with an extra touch of elegance.

The leather is inserted exclusively by hand and decorated with gold-coloured incision which makes the craftsmanship of our period style furniture even more sought after.


[ Manufacturing ]

The brand

All the inlaid furniture produced by M.I.A. is marked with a hot brand.

Burning our label with a hot brand is the distinct sign of our production, which guarantees the authenticity and the quality of the craftsmanship and the materials used.

[ Remakes ]

We carry out upholstery work: reconstruction of chairs, armchairs, sofas.